MPCM provides a seamless pathway for the manufacture of complex electromechanical products from concept to large-scale manufacture on a worldwide platform. We add value for our clients by manufacturing proprietary products on a private label basis. The following Case Study illustrates the diversified capabilities of the MPCM staff:

Case Study

This high-end instrument was introduced at SEMICON 2003. Following the introction of the Singulator MPCM built over 200 of these machines for TOWA Intercon.

Starting from the ground up, we met this challenge by applying basic manufacturing principles.

The throughput of this new design was increased from 6,500 to 14,000 units per hour, material cost of the unit was cut in half, assembly measured in hours, not days, and service calls are now dealt with by modular replacements instead of complete system reworks. By using MPCM our customer was able to provide a more competitive product at a reduced cost yielding higher revenues and increased profits.

System Manufacturing

At MPCM, we provide total solution for your systems manufacturing requirements encompassing program management, process engineering, materials management, product assembly, configuration to order and test engineering.

We can manage your systems manufacturing requirements from manufacturing and testability through order fulfillment.

Cable and Harness Assembly

MPCM offers all aspects of cable and harness assemblies from simple connections to complex. All products are electrically tested to guaranty known working product.

We build: Flat Ribbon, Coaxia Multi, Conductor Robotic Cables and Complex Harnesses.

PCB Manufacturing

MPCM has the capability to take your design and give you a completed product at a low cost, quick turnaround solution.

Simple to very complex PCB assemblies.
Small quantities and quick turns available.
Consigned Components or Turnkey.
All the PCB assemblies can manufactured either leaded or lead free.
Our team ensure any defects in manufacturing can be identified and corrected prior to delivery.

Motion Control

MPCM has extensive experience and capabilities in the Motion Control include:

  • Micro-Stepper Drivers
  • Servo and Stepper Systems
  • Plug and Play X-Y Systems
  • Custom Packaging Servos/ Steppers including Power Supply
  • Amplifier Testing
  • Complete Cable and Harness Assembly
  • Repair Services of Amplifier and Controllers
  • Worldwide Procurement of PCB
  • Repair Services
  • End-Of-Life Product Support

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